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L-Glutamine is White crystalline powder Stability Moisture and light sensitive. Incompatible with moisture, strong oxidizing agents.

Glutamine has been used as a GI protectant and in an attempt to enhance GI healing in conditions where GI epithelium is damaged (Parvo enteritis, chemotherapy, etc.).

Alias: L-(+)-Glutamine; Pentanoic acid, 2,5-diamino-5-oxo-, (S)-; L-Glutamine

CAS No:  56-85-9

Molecule structure

Detailed introduction


Appearance: White crystals or crystalline powder


pH: 4.35 -6.0

Specific rotation: +6.30 +7.30

Heavy metals (as Pb): 15 ppm max

Chloride:0.05% max

Sulfate: 0.03% max

Iron:30 ppm max

Loss on drying: 0.3% max

Residue on ignition: 0.4% max

Lead :3 ppm max

Arsenic:1 ppm max

Cadmium:1 ppm max

Mercury:1 ppm max

Packing & Delivery  25kg/drum


√ Used in medicine and health care products, can enhance the immune function of human body

√ Biochemical research

√ Melatonin has complex effects on apoptotic pathways, inhibiting apoptosis in immune cells and neurons but enhancing apoptotic cell death of cancer cells. Inhibits proliferation/metast asis of breast cancer cells by inhibiting estrogen receptor action.